CAC + 2x CACIB Montenegro


The socialization at the show ground - it was the main reason for my long and exhausting trip to Montenegro, not any hunt for titles at all. Therefore, Carina has been shown only twice in puppy class, her last show was at NE Argeles in September 2020.

Due covid pandemics around the Europe and the whole world I have not chance to do any normal activities with our dogs - to travel abroad, even not to cross to another district in the Czech Republic, got with dogs to the pubs, etc. Carina did well at shows, the same Biesca.

The whole distance from the Czech Republic to Montenegro was the same like to Argeles in France, one way about 1700 KM, travelling through Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia, anyway, I have never been before in Serbia. Luckily, I have managed it and I hope that in the Czech Republic will be held some open shows in the summer. Biesca has fulfilled the rules for the International Beauty Championship.

Our results:

23.04. CAC Bar, Montenegro (judge: Marko Vreteničič, 4 entries):

Biesca (CHC): Excellent 1, CAC

Cariňa (Junior class): Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOS

24.04. CACIB Bar I (judge: Marko Proročič, 4 entries):

Biesca (CHC): V1, CAC, CACIB

Cariňa (Junior class): Excellent 1, JCAC, BOJ, BOS

25.04. CACIB Bar II (judge: Nenad Nedimovič, 4 entries):

Biesca (CHC): Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Cruft's qualification

Cariňa (JC): Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, Cruft's qualification