Biesca Patou von Traumberg



Biesca "Piskořík"

D.O.B.: 27.03.2019

Sire: CH De France Xico De Alba De los Danzantes

Dam: CH Alba Patou von Traumberg

Brood bitch

Dam of D litter

Height: 70 Cm

Weight: 47 kg

Test De Comportement R.A.C.P.

Health results:


ED 0/0

PL 0/0

OCD free

LTV (lumbosacral transitional vertebra): 0

Eyes: free all hereditary and presumed eye disseases (MVDr. Jiří Beránek, Ph.D., 2022)

DM : N/N (clear)

CMR 1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy type 1): N/N (clear)

DNA Certificate (Genomia)

Hall of Fame:

Czech Champion

Czech GCH



Czech JCH

Club Champion of KCHMPP

Austrian Champion (ÖCH)

Champion of Slovenia

CH + GCH of Montenegro


Club Winner of KCHMPP

Bundessieger Tulln 2019

Bundessieger Tulln 2021

Slovenia Winner I + II 2020

Very promissing 1, Class Winner - NE Argeles 2018 (Richard Capel, F)

Very promissing 1, BIS puppy - Club specialty of A.C.P. Italy (J. B. Moings, F)

Excellent 2, Res CQ - Norje Boke, Sweden (Dr. Guido Massimelo, I)

2x BOJ, 6x BOB, 6 x BOS, 3x CAJC, 5x CAC CZ, 2x CACA A, Cruft's Qualification 2020, Cruft's Qualification 2021, 9x CACIB, etc.

About Biesca:

Biesca was born and raised in our home (out of 9 pups totally), her father is the beautiful Spanish male Xico. The combination Alba x Xico did work very well, all the pups are healthy (HD A) and very typical representatives of the breed (for example her outstanding sister Belsué or amazing brothers Bergerac or Bastán). Biesca has a very special and sweet character, she is very gentle, friendly and balanced.

Biesca has a very nice feminine head with dark eyes, and perfect black pigmentation as well. She is a rustic and strong boned girl, she has excellent angulations and absolutely amazing and very powerful movement.