Our story

Arán and Alba

Kora De Alba De los Danzantes "Huesca"

Kennel Patou von Traumberg is a small family kennel situated in the West Bohemia, Czech Republic, approximately one hour from capitol city Prague and about one hour from German/Bavarian border. The kennel was founded 2009. We breed exclusively for ourselves and mostly only one litter in a couple years.

The Pyrenean mountain dog is the part of our family since 2004. Our the very first Pyrenean mountain dog – male Falco was bred in Czech kennel in Moravia, the Czech Republic and although he wasn't the most perfect representative of the breed, we have fallen in love with the breed. Falco was a little bit shy and his body construction wasn't perfect as well, he had so called east west front legs and his movement wasn't good as well.

 I have been looking for a nice, self-confident and strong boned female for many years, I've spent a lot time to study the standard, breed history and genealogical lines. As I've had found out the Spanish kennel DE ALBA DE LOS DANZANTES, my own concept has been established.

Nowadays it's very easy to find the general knowledges of all breeders around the Europe, but in those days were many breeders from Spain, France, etc. in the Czech Republic practically unknown, most of Czech lines were based either on German or Hungarian lines. I wasn't absolutely interested in those lines and I have turned my attention to the old rustic lines. I wasn't interested in fashion show lines, I have been looking for the strong boned and rustic female with excellent head and expression. 

The long-planned trip to the Aragon, Spain has doubtless exceeded all my expectations, I've never seen such beautiful representatives of the breed before and I've never met such a nice, friendly, helpful, experienced and unassuming persons like Lorenzo and Nieves. I will be forever thankful to Lorenzo and Nieves for the lesson of the breed and I won't never forget the phenomenal appearance and expressions of Fatica, Cotiella, Chia, Sketrick Gabrielle, Archer, etc.

We imported beautiful and strong boned girl Kora Huesca from Spanish kennel DE ALBA DE LOS DANZANTES in 2009, Huesca was bred to finish stud male Covermount Big Block, the amazing boy with magnific head and expression.

Arán winning his first BOB + BIS at NE Argeles

Kora's son Aran has won twice BOB and BIS at the French national specialty in Argeles Gazost, he has also become Champion of many countries, including the most prestigious title French Champion and French Veteran Champion as well. 

Aran's sister Alba went as second-Best female at NE Argeles Gazost and she gave birth two beautiful litters, both sired by De Alba De Los Danzantes males. Our kennel consists of me and my husband, our dogs are members of our family, they are allowed stay inside of our house, we don't have any kennels. 

All puppies are born in our house and well socialized. My breeding aim is to produce healthy, sound, balanced, typical and well socialized pyrs according to the French breed standard.