Puppies (previous litters)

A litter 2014

D litter 2023

B litter 2018

E litter 2024

C litter 2020

No available puppies at the moment.

Information for puppy buyers:

We breed exclusively for ourselves and mostly only one litter in couple of years. In my breeding programme I use the only top quality bloodlines. My breeding aim is to breed healthy, balanced, typical and well socialised dogs. We don't own any kennels; our puppies are born inside of our house. All our dogs are beloved family members.

We always prefer transparency and therefore we publish all the health results of parents and their ancestors as well.

Our brood bitches are selected for excellent health, balanced and gentle temperament, typical head + expression corresponding to the original French breed standard, and superior blood lines. Our reputation is important to us and we make efforts to add  to the qualities and health of this old and amazing breed.

The health of our dogs is always our highest priority. We begin worming the puppies at 2 weeks of age and continue every two weeks until the puppies go home. Puppies can go to their new home at 9 – 10th weeks of age.

When the puppy comes home, they will have a packet containing Pet passport, adequate puppy food, a toy with mother's smell, completed Micro-chip registration and FCI Pedigree. Puppy purchasers are screened to ensure they have accurate information about the breed and can provide adequate food, fencing and shelter to ensure our puppies are going to forever homes. 

Owning the Pyrenean mountain dog is a lifetime commitment, that should be taken responsible.

Only mother nature knows how many male and female puppies will  be born and we do not want to take a deposit unless we can ensure you are going to get the puppy you desire (male or female). Interested buyers should contact us to be placed on the waiting list. We keep a waiting list and contact families in the same order as they have contacted us regarding a puppy. 

Once puppies are born, we start contacting the names on the list to confirm whether they still want a puppy before we move to the next family on the list. If you are on our Waiting List and are still wanting a puppy from this litter, we will notify you once the puppies are born and ask that you pay a puppy deposit 500 € to be transferred to my account. 

Placing a deposit is the only way you can be sure you will get a puppy from a litterAfter having a very bad experience with unfair "puppy buyers" we can't take any reservation without the deposit anymore.

You need to know that deposits are non-refundable so, when placing a deposit, you will first need to be sure that this is what you want to do.